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Volunteer for the Library

Volunteers are welcome during certain set hours throughout the week after a 1-hour mandatory training session has been attended. We appreciate the many people wanting to support our library, and we want to make sure we use their time efficiently.

To volunteer for the Library, apply here.

Volunteer for the Friends of the Library

Anyone can volunteer with Friends, regardless of their membership status. Volunteers can participate in a variety of activities:

  • Working at the biannual book sales held in the Library Galleries
  • Staffing the Friends’ Café & Bookstore
  • Acting, serving or baking at our March Murder Mystery Fundraiser
  • Being a member on the Friends Board. Help guide the Friends with their fundraising efforts and determine how to assist the Library with their programming and equipment needs.
  • Helping at other Friends-sponsored library events

To volunteer for the Friends, apply here.