Restorative Yoga Class on August 27, 2019
Game Night on September 4 at 6:00 PM
Society for Midwestern Authors Group Meeting on August 27, 2019
Screening Room
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Library of Things
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Elizabeth Keckley: Seamstress program on September 21, 2019 Elizabeth Keckley: Seamstress
Join us for an this program, brought you in collaboration with Illinois Humanities.

Upcoming Events

Baby TalkTue, August 27th - 9:45 AM
Baby TalkTue, August 27th - 10:45 AM
Writers' GroupTue, August 27th - 6:00 PM
Restorative Yoga for Moms & CaregiversTue, August 27th - 6:00 PM
Rambling ReadersWed, August 28th - 6:00 PM