Local Author Fair

The Local Author Fair's time is TBD.

In the meantime, support our local authors by visiting their websites and purchasing books that interest you.


Author & Website

Ralph Berwanger

Vince Churchill

Jan Joyce

Melissa Morrissey

Ted Morrissey

Elaine L. Orr

Mike & Mary Ann Paulis


Kathryn Ransom






















Author(s) Website
Ralph Berwanger www.paparafa.com
Vince Churchill https://vincechurchill.com
Debra Daugherty http://ddaugherty329.wixsite.com/authordebradaugherty
Donald L. Dennis www.pacesetterpublishing.com
Kyle Harvey www.kyleharveybooks.com
Jan Joyce [email protected]
Melissa Morrissey www.melissaunderwoodmorrissey.com
Ted Morrissey www.tedmorrissey.com
Elaine L. Orr http://www.elaineorr.com 
Mike & Mary Ann Paulis  
Kathryn Ransom www.kathrynransom.com