Hey tweens and teens!  Wondering what there is to do that's fun for Valentine's day while you're stuck at home?  Log on to our Virtual Teen Trivia!  Just open your browser and go to https://www.crowd.live/DCQRA.  Trivia will be open from 10A on Saturday, February 13th through 10P February 14th.

Here's how it works:
* Go to https://www.crowd.live/DCQRA
* Log in anytime between 10:00 AM on Saturday - 10:00 PM on Sunday
* The trivia game will take about 30 minutes but will be on a continuous loop so you can play anytime from 10:00 AM on Saturday - 10:00 PM on Sunday.
* There are 25 questions
* You have 30 seconds to answer each (the faster you answer the more points)
* There is a small break in between questions
* After all 25 questions are answered your score will be recorded, and, at the end of the weekend, of the participant with the highest score is the winner!