Study Rooms

There are 4 study rooms available:

  • Study Room 1 seats up to six (6) people.
  • Study Room 2 seats up to four (4) people.
  • Study Room 3 seats up to four (4) people.
  • The typing room seats up to six (6) people

Appointments may be made up to one week in advance, either by telephone or in person at the circulation desk.

  • Study rooms are used on a first-come, first served basis if not reserved.
  • Those that have reserved a study room will have preference over a person who has not registered at the circulation desk.
  • Time slots are two hours in length.  Extended usage times may be given if room is available.  A limit of three hours per day will be enforced should other users request the use of a room.  Limits are set in order to accommodate fair and equitable access to these spaces.
  • Reserved rooms will be held for 10 minutes past the time reserved, and then will be made available to the next applicant.
  • Study rooms are not available outside of the library’s service hours.  Study rooms must be vacated 15 minutes prior to the scheduled closing of the library regardless of when the patron began using the room.