Library Information

Children in the Children’s Area of the Library must be supervised at all times by an adult.

Children in 2nd grade and under who are attending a Library program must have a parent remain in the Library building during the program.

The Library is a great place for fun and learning and we want everyone to know it!  Photographs may be taken in the Children’s Area and during programs to be used in Chatham Area Library media.  For your privacy, names are never used without permission.


Parents can help their little ones enjoy the Library by using these simple rules:

                          Library A B C’s


                   Always use your walking feet.

                Be considerate of others--use your inside voice.

                Children must be under the supervision of a parent at all times.

                Don’t be messy; pick up toys, books and puzzles when you are finished.

                    Everyone shares our Library. Please cooperate with one another.

                Food may be eaten in the Café.


Introduction to Lexile (Click link to view slideshow) (Click link for Lexile web site)


             Common Sense Media 

The nation’s leading independent non-profit organization advocating for kids.  Reviews, education and advise on books, movies, games and more.


Lincoln Learning Legacy Kits*               

              To mark the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth in 2009, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (ALPLM) and its partners made lessons of Lincoln available to Illinois children through this educational outreach program.  The “Lincoln’s Legacy Learning Kits” include four contained units of study: Lincoln Biography, Mary Lincoln, Civil War Soldiers and Slavery in Illinois.  Each kit includes lesson plans, primary sources, reproduction artifacts, and more.  The Chatham Area Public Library is pleased to be one of forty libraries throughout Illinois to house these kits.  Through inter-library loan, educators and librarians can check out these kits and begin an inspiring exploration of Abraham Lincoln and life during his time.  Call the Chatham Area Public Library at 217-483-2713 for more information. *Available to educators and librarians only.

Reading Buddies Puppets*             

             The Chatham Area Library houses a collection of 30 Folkmanis puppets and companion books that are available to librarians and educators.  Folkmanis has created award-winning puppets that encourage imagination, inspire creativity, and promote interaction.  To find out about the puppet/book kits or to check-out a kit contact one of the Children’s Coordinators.  *Available to educators and librarians only.