Meeting Room - Rules of Use

Rules for Use

1.Room capacity limits are listed on . Rooms must be left in neat, clean, orderly condition with all chairs, tables and equipment returned to their original position.

2. Library Staff will assist with set-up of Library equipment if indicated on agreement/online. Shut-down is the responsibility of the group. See Library Staff prior to adhering anything to walls or doors.

3.The use of the following: firearms, hazardous materials, tobacco products or alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any time.

4.No group may reassign a reserved time to another group.

5.Future access will be denied if the requirements are not met. A $50 cleaning fee may be assessed for cleaning or the actual cost of repairs if it is deemed necessary by the Library Director.

6.Library Staff are authorized to monitor the use of the meeting rooms and to enforce all policies concerning its use.


Refreshment Rules

NO beverages containing RED food coloring are allowed.    

NO beverages are allowed outside of the Children’s Activity Room, Gallery Meeting Rooms or Conference Room unless they have lids.

NO food of any kind is allowed outside of the Children’s Activity Room, Gallery Meeting Rooms, Conference Room and Café.


All craft based activities will be held in the Children’s Activity Room.

Group leaders must furnish their own supplies.

Tables must be covered with paper or plastic appropriate for the craft project or activity being conducted.

Only water-based paint is allowed for all craft projects.


Groups with Children

Children under the age of 14 must have adult supervision at all times. A suggested ratio is one adult for every five children. Siblings of children attending programs must also be supervised at all times by parents/guardians.

Restroom trips must be supervised by an adult.

Running and indoor gymnastics are not allowed in any area of the Library.

Children must be dismissed to a parent/guardian. Children are not to be left unattended in the Library after the group has been dismissed. Group leaders must stay until all children have been picked up by parents/guardians.



Reservations may be made:  in person or online via the Library’s website. If not using the online room reservation software, the group’s representative must complete an application one week prior to their meeting date.


The Friends of the Library Café is available to provide coffee and snacks. The group’s representative may contact the Café for catering services 217-483-2713.

Light refreshments may be served or a meal catered. Limited cooking facilities are available. The catering kitchen must be left clean and in working order. Groups must furnish their own supplies.


Residents of the Chatham Area Public Library District, Community Non-Profit & Service Organizations                                    

$0 No Charge

Non-Resident ( A majority of the participants in the group do not live in the Chatham Area Public Library District and/or the mailing address of the group is outside of the Library District).--Rooms – Gallery A, B, C, D, Activity & Conference Rooms


$25.00 per hour minimum of 2 hours

2 hours (per room) = $50.00

4 hours (per room) = $100.00

6 hours (per room) = $150.00

8 hours (per room) = $200.00