The Chatham Area Public Library Friends Foundation was established to strengthen and expand additional funding sources for the Chatham Area Public Library. The Friends Foundation falls under the Friends of the Library 501(c)(3) organization status and has its own governing board.   The Foundation ensures the future of our Library through its outreach to individuals, organizations and the professional management of its endowment funds.

The majority of Foundation funds are used to build the endowment-funds invested over the long term to grow principal and generate interest.

Supporters of the Chatham Area Public Library come from all walks of life and are motivated by a hundred different reasons. But there is one common thread - the love of our Library, of what it stands for, and of what it does for our community.

Your contribution to the Chatham Area Public Library Foundation will provide resources to be used for many years to come, and its value will live on through the lives it enriches. Your gift is a gift to the future of the library and to the people who walk through our library doors every day.

It's Easy to Give

Your support of the Chatham Area Public Library is critical to improving the Library's collection, services and building - and to ensuring an educated, well-informed community. A gift to a charitable organization like the Chatham Area Public Library Foundation allows you to create a legacy for our community while meeting your own financial and personal objectives.

Over the years, hundreds of generous individuals have demonstrated their deep commitment to the Chatham Area Public Library Foundation by donating. Thank you for your contribution.

Further information is available upon request.